Wednesday, January 24, 2018

A New Year, A New Re-sew-lution

I always say I'm going to make more things for myself, and this year I think it's really going to happen. Why? Because one of the most talented people I know has started creating patterns for women! Hurray!! Introducing the Sunday Everyday Sweater from Ensemble Patterns...

I have been a longtime fan of Celina's style, her photography and her overall aesthetic. So when I heard that she would be creating a collection of women's patterns, well, to say I was excited would be a total understatement! Take a look at the Sunday Everyday Sweater:

It's the perfect top for lounging around while still looking cool and put together. I am all about comfort, so with all the options that come with this sweater, it's the answer to my dreams. So far I've made the Basic version and two of the Mid versions (one with long sleeves and one with short, which is the one in this post) because I love me a hi-lo hem! 

I realize the hem is kind of hard to see here, sorry. I guess I should have worn lighter jeans to show it off better. And see where my hand is? If I had made myself some pockets (yes, this pattern has pockets for all lengths except the Short and Crop versions!), I would have been able to look less awkward. Maybe not, since pockets can't hide that weird expression on my face!

After consulting the measurement chart, I settled on the smallest size and made no adjustments to the length of the sweater or the sleeves. To give you an idea of proportions, I am 5'1" and I usually have to shorten sleeves a bit but not the torso. I also think I have broad shoulders for my size.

I should mention that I'm wearing a turtleneck underneath. I love that the neckline on this top is wide enough for you to layer it when it's cold (I pulled up the turtleneck sleeves so you could better see the length of the short sleeves). As you can see, we had our first snow of the year, brrr. Luckily the sun was out and I was actually quite warm. Don't know what the heck is happening with my hair, though, ha!

Regarding the sewing level of this pattern, the instructions are detailed enough so that beginners should feel comfortable enough making this. And don't worry if you don't have a serger. I don't either. Celina has also included instructions on how to sew a neck binding so that there's a pretty finish on the inside.

So let me talk about the fabric. You can use French Terry, sweatshirt fleece, sweater knit or scuba knit, to name a few. I went for a beautiful cozy knit from Nosh Organics (sorry, children of mine - nothing but the best for me, hahaha). 

For this version, I used Nosh's JOUTSEN Sweatshirting in Rose. This print in sweatshirting knit is no longer available, but if you're fond of the swans, you can find them flying south [I'm assuming these swans are migratory] in jersey knit in green and purple. If you want to make yourself a comfy lightweight sweatshirt in solids or stripes, then Nosh has lots of options here. I'm wondering how this top would look if you color blocked the Blue-Grey Sweatshirting with the Blue-Vanilla

I really love this pattern, and I think you will, too! Though I was gifted this pattern, I would willingly pay full price for a pattern of this quality. Ensemble Patterns will be releasing a new pattern each month, so you will be able to sew yourself a super cool, super comfortable capsule wardrobe in no time ;) 

You can get this pattern for 20% off with the code SUNDAYEVERYDAY. And for a chance to win this pattern AND the next 3 patterns from Ensemble, you can enter here. Both the code and the contest will end on Thursday, January 25, 2018 at noon EST. Good luck!

Oh! And you might want to sign up for the newsletter on the website (or follow on Instagram) to keep up with the latest developments. Happy sewing!


  1. Ahhh, this looks so good on you Emi. Perfect! I need to make some more of this awesome style.

    1. Thank you so much, Mie! I need to make some more of these tops, too ;)

  2. Replies
    1. I love this print, too, Eva! Luckily I have a bit more, heh heh.

  3. Cute! The fabric color really suits you.

    1. Thank you, Masha! Maybe one of these days I will eventually move on from wearing pinks, but for now I am still a big fan.

  4. Oh Sunday will be everyday for you now indeed in this awesome top! The fabric is so awesome. I am loving the hemline of this sweater. As soon as it gets cold here (I am not wishing for it just for the record) I will be making one of these beauties!!!

    1. Thank you, Jenya! I really think I will make a few more so I have one for every day of the week, hahaha (just kidding -- well, not really). I think you will love this sweater. The hemline is pretty cool, isn't it!


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